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Coding the Future · Coding the Society

Global Programmers' Festival · Xi’an 2018

24 - 25, October 2018

The Global Programmers’ Festival (GPF) will be held for the second time on Oct 24th-25th, 2018 in Xi’an, China. With “Coding the Future” as its permanent theme, GPF is the premier event dedicated to programmers from around the world.

Thanks to the exponential growth of computing power and internet connection in the last two decades, we have entered into a digital world, where software is permeating almost every facet of our lives and even defining the future. Programmers, as the constructors of the digital world, represent a large and innovative population who deserve not only our respect but also a special day in their name. GPF links up the software developers, high-tech companies, venture capital institutions, scientists, industry sector leaders and so on, sets up a global platform for communication and cooperation, and incubates academic and technological innovation.

Global Programmers’ Festival 2018 will highlight the thoughts and actions on 6 tasks facing the digital society: find and honor the programmers’ role models, promote the pragmatic innovations in IT industry, encourage scientific research that drives high-tech advancement, cultivate talents with innovative thinking and globalized vision, increase social participation in programming in the era defined by software, and last but not least, expand cooperation in building the digital economy under the Belt and Road Initiative.

GPF 2018 will consists of 2 national-level release, 2 selection activies,1 programing contest, 1 contract-signing ceremony, 1 opening ceremony & main forum, 3 themed forums, 1 programmers’ carnival and a host of other activities. Over 20,000 attendees and 1,000 global VIP are estimated to witness the festival in Xi’an, plus, more than 2 million viewers are expected participate online.